Question Papers

Organizational Behavior – Case – Motivating through Total Reward

Case 1:  Motivating through Total Reward 


The Royal Bank of’ Scotland Group (RBS) is one of the largest financial services companies in the world. It provides a range of services including banking and insurance. The RBS` Group operates in Europe, the US and Asia, serving more than 36 million customer’s world-wide. It employs more than 140,000 people. 


Corporate Training – Case – SALES TRAINING AT ABC COMPANY

Question 1 is compulsory


Few years ago, ABC Company developed a training strategy for training its global sales force. An important feature of the strategy was to create a master training plan for each year. The organization’s strategic plans, objectives, and functional tactics would drive this plan. Once an initial procedure was designed it was then evaluated and critiqued by the top management, different units, and training council. The input from these stakeholders would be summarized and transferred into a master training plan.


Business Communication – Write in your own words a definition of the term ‘communication’ and trace its origin

1. Write in your own words a definition of the term ‘communication’ and trace its origin

2. “The lack of upward communication can be disastrous”. Discuss with reference to some examples.


Consumer Behaviour – Case – Sunder Singh

CASE I – Sunder Singh

Sunder Singh had studied only up to high school. He was 32-years of age, lived alone in a rented room, and worked eight-hour shift at one petrol pump, then went to the other one for another eight-hour shift. He had a girl friend and was planning to marry.


Management Information System – Explain the sources of information


1. Explain the sources of information.

2. Explain the system development life cycle.


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